Illiteracy is our sin and shame and must be liquidated.

                                                         By Mahatma Gandhi

The Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) - West Champaran, popularly known as Bihar Education Project (BEP - West Champaran) is an organization dedicated to achieving Universal Elementary Education (UEE) in the District of West Champaran, Bihar,  India.

West Chamaparan is one of the famous district of Bihar, which has a glorious past. West Champaran District was carved out of the old Champaran District in the year 1972 as a result of re-organization of the District in the state. It was formerly a subdivision of Saran District and then Champaran District with its Head quarters as Bettiah. It is said that Bettiah got its name from Baint (Cane) plants commonly found in this district. The name Champaran is a degenerate form of Champaka aranya, a name which dates back to the time when the district was a tract of the forest of Champa (Magnolia) trees & was the abode of solitary asectics.

Education is a tool that can play a vital role in improving the socio-economic condition of the nation. It empowers citizens with analytical abilities, leads to better confidence levels and fortifies one with will power and goal setting competencies.

Education involves not only textbook learning but also a growth of values, skills and capacities. This helps individuals to plan for their career as well as play a useful part in building a new society with progressive values. Hence, education results in changing both individual lives as well as that of the entire community for the better.